5 Ways To Build Endurance In Bed

“Endurance is important in bed because it gives us a sense of control and feeling of empowerment. We are able to meet our partner’s sexual needs, and feel sexually and erotically fulfilled ourselves,” Dr. Holly Richmond, psychologist and sex therapist tells Bustle. “It lets us know for certain that we are a good lover. If […]
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Self-Love Is Standing Up For What You Need

“Tell people what’s important to you, and be authentic when you do so. Love yourself for who you are and don’t try to be someone you’re not,” psychologist and sex therapist, Dr. Holly Richmond tells Bustle. Read the full article by Lindsay Tigar on Bustle here: https://www.bustle.com/articles/183566-what-it-really-means-to-love-yourself-because-how-you-start-the-day-matters
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4 Things That Happen To Your Vagina When You Stop Having Sex

Luckily, even if a woman is a virgin, most vaginal pain is fleeting and can be “cured” with a steady application of patience, foreplay, and lubrication. But in some cases, the vaginal muscles get so contracted that penetration—even from a tampon or finger—is impossible. This condition is called vaginismus, and there are a variety of […]
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