Celestial Bodies: The Couples VR Experience

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Join Dr. Holly on FaceBook Live for a her personal tour of the Museum of Sex’s Celestial Bodies VR experience with creative and artistic director Serge Becker.

Celestial Bodies is an immersive room scale VR installation that brings Diplo’s track “Set It Off” to a new dimension. On view from October 2nd, this virtual reality experience is an exploration of anticipation, sexual attraction, identity, presence, touch, scale, comfort, daring and spatial awareness – around a shared infinite pole dance in space.

Unlike most iterations of VR where participants are static, this exhibition encourages users to move about freely within the controlled environment where user movement and active participation is an integral part of the experience. In addition to a VR headset participants are outfitted with Optitrack motion sensors tracking their movements and up to 6 participants and their VR avatars can interact with each other, creating a dynamic environment. The 1,000 square feet of space has been carefully mapped by the director and by controlling all elements of the user experience, the director is able to methodically impart his own vision upon that of the user. Employing live performers, haptic elements, and three-dimensional sound, this installation traverses the line between physical reality and a virtual simulation.


Month Long Event (july)


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