Why Stealthing Is a Type of Sexual Assault

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Lawyer Alexandra Brodsky shares what the new California law means for people who are victims of sexual assault known as stealthing, or the act of non-consensual condom removal during sex. She shares that stealthing is a civil offense, which makes it a victim’s decision if they want to move forward with charges. Sex therapist Dr. Holly Richmond shares that sexual assault does not have to be violent, it just has to be non-consensual.

What Is Stealthing and the New Law that Makes it Illegal

Stealthing, is now illegal in California. Lawyer Alexandra Brodsky who helped get this law passed, and sex therapist Dr. Holly Richmond join The Doctors to discuss this form of sexual assault.

Hear Shocking Comments from Men about the Sexual Abuse Known as Stealthing

Lawyer Alexandra Brodsky uncovered message boards where men were teaching one another how to remove condoms without people knowing. The phenomenon known as stealthing is not only sexual assault, but in California it is now a civil offense. The Doctors share some shocking comments found on the boards.


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