“Wait. It Can Do What!?” – An Exploration in SexTech

Originally published @ The Smart Sex Podcast

By Dr. Leslie Gustafson

- Content and imagery reposted with permission -

Welcome to the fascinating world of Sex Technology – fast developing, cutting edge and at times jaw-dropping!

In this episode, Leslie is joined by the smart, clinically savvy, sextech expert somatic psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Holly Richmond to talk about what is available to men and women in the current age where sexual devices, remotes and robotics are now at our finger tips.

Sex technology is here to stay and Holly has immersed herself in the understanding of it and how it can enhance our relationships, intimacy, sexual experience and sexual pleasure.

We have an opportunity in this discussion to learn about all that is available and where technology is advancing in the sexual arena and discover new ways to enhance our own sex lives whether we are in the same place with each other or we are far apart.

Sextech provides new novel ways of connecting with our partners. For those who are needing ways to expand and enhance their intimate lives against the backdrop of being home and together more, listen closely!

The “controversial” aspects of sextech are confronted as well and Holly has much to say about how to use the new technology in sexually healthy ways and who may be able to benefit from the specific devices and how.


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