Dr. Holly books all of her appointments on an individual basis to ensure privacy and confidentiality. To book your free 10-minute phone consultation and subsequent appointments, please contact her via one of the following options.


Dr. Holly has a bi-coastal practice with offices in integrative healthcare centers in: Montclair, New Jersey; Seal Beach, California; and Portland, Oregon. Because of the convenience it offers her clients, she predominantly offers distance counseling sessions including tele-therapy and sexual health coaching via Skype, FaceTime and other web platforms.

Media Inquiries

Dr. Holly speaks on a broad range of topics nationally and internationally—always catering to her specific audience—for professional conferences (sexual health, as well as technology), health organizations, schools and universities, pharmaceutical and integrative wellness companies.

She also offers consultation services to companies in the technology, sextech and sexual health sectors, and is an expert speaker on TV/radio/podcast/webinar programs. For specific information regarding her sex and technology services, visit

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