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mayVR World - Next Sex Mating & Relating in an Age of Immersive TechnologyVR Vision Theatre - Olympia, LondonMore Information: More Information

junJersey City Tech Meetup - The Future of Sex PART DEUX!Lutze Biergarten - Jersey City, NJMore Information: More Information

julCelestial Bodies: The Couples VR ExperienceMuseum of Sex - New York, NYMore Information: More Information

octNetflix Original - Follow This: SexbotsBuzzFeed's Scaachi Koul looks into simulated companions and speaks with a sex-tech CEO, a customer, and therapists.More Information:Watch on Netflix

octBad Girls Bible Podcast with Sean JamesonMore Information:Listen

octNext Sex & Somatic Sex Therapy CoursesModern Sex Therapy InstitutesMore Information:More Information

octSex Out Loud with Tristan TaorminoDr. Holly Richmond on Somatic Sex Therapy and Sextech ConsultingMore Information:Listen

marK-Y/Girl Culture Films: The Pleasure is Mine DocuseriesCreative Director, Lauren Greenfield / Director, Amy Berg More Information:Watch Trailer

octPress Send Podcast with Chinae Alexander · Parts 1-5More Information:Listen

novSessions Live 2019 · Finding ErosA multidisciplinary approach to love, lust and commitment.Convene - NYC Midtown WestMore Information: More Information

decBringing Intimacy Back by Dr. April BrownSexTech – Bridging the Gap Between Technology and SexualityMore Information:Watch or Listen

decSupporting a Partner Who Has Experienced Sexual Trauma Part of a longer conversation with Esther Perel for 'Sessions', an online community for therapists, educators, and coaches.More Information:Watch

febSurviving to Thriving: Great Sex After Trauma WorkshopIntimate Space by Dame - New York, NYMore Information: More Information

febMindful Sex: Engaging Mind & Body for the Best Sex Ever WorkshopIntimate Space by Dame - New York, NYMore Information: More Information

augRAWring Twenties Podcast: Episode 62Dr. Holly Richmond answers ALL your burning sex questions‪!More Information:Listen

decSmart Sex, Smart Love Podcast with Dr. Joe Kort: Episode 56How the Latest Innovations in Sex Tech are Transforming the Way we Mate, Relate, and MasturbateMore Information:Listen

decAlmost 30 Podcast: Episode 385Your Sex Life Upgrade with Dr. Holly Richmon‪dMore Information:Listen

janAlmost 30: Find Conscious Intimacy Course (On Demand)A Body & Sex Convo with Chinae Alexander & Dr. HollyMore Information:More Information

janDame Mindful Sex Webinar (On Demand)Engaging Mind & Body For Your Best Sex EverMore Information:More Information

janModern Sex Therapy Institute: Surviving to Thriving (On Demand)Helping Clients Move Past Sexual Trauma to Reclaim a Passionate LifeMore Information:More Information

octThe Self-Confidence Project Podcast with Kimberly Hill: Episode 78Reclaiming Sexual Pleasure in Your RelationshipMore Information:Listen

octThe Doctors: Season 14, Episode 21Sex, Drugs and Childhood Trauma: Growing up in the Playboy Mansion Led to Woman’s Addiction and Intimacy StrugglesMore Information:Watch

novMore Than a Season Podcast: Episode 22Sex, Intimacy & CommunicationMore Information:Listen

novPermission for Pleasure Podcast with Cindy Scharkey: Episode 21Pleasure after TraumaMore Information:Listen

decLearn to Love Podcast: Episode 80Reclaiming PleasureMore Information:Listen


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