Orgasmic Meditation Makes Mindfulness Sexy. But Does It Work?

Originally published @ fatherly By Sophia Quaglia – Content and imagery reposted with permission – For first-timers, meditation can be difficult to get into. But what if it was a little bit…sexier? That’s the ethos behind orgasmic meditation, a mindfulness technique that combines meditation and sex to achieve new levels of intimacy and inner peace. Many people across the […]
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What is a Blended Orgasm?

Originally published @ Poosh By Dr. Holly Richmond – Content and imagery reposted with permission – Hello again, dear friend Anonymous. Welcome back to our sex talk column where readers submit questions, then we do our research and craft a story to answer as many questions as we can. We tapped Holly Richmond, PhD, LMFT, Dame Clinical […]
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What Exactly Is Cuffing Season And When Does It Start?

Originally published @ glam By Amanda Chatel – Content and imagery reposted with permission – With the summer coming to an end and fall just a stone’s throw away, it’s time to start thinking about cuffing season. If you’re new to the term, the “cuffing” part should give you some idea as to what it […]
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The 5 Best Libido Gummies to Give Your Love Life a Boost

Originally published @ Wishlisted By Rachel Varina – Content and imagery reposted with permission – Whether you’re single, dating, or have been with the one for what feels like ever, keeping things spicy is ultra important. This is because sex and intimacy not only build connection, but orgasms themselves have major health benefits from lower blood pressure […]
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How to Clean and Store Your Sex Toys

Originally published @ InsideHook By Remi Rosmarin – Content and imagery reposted with permission – When it comes to what you do in the bedroom, we don’t judge — unless you’re not properly cleaning your sex toys, in which case we need to talk. Like pretty much every other product you own, proper cleaning and storage […]
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Cosmo’s 16 Best Sex Tips of All Time

Originally published @ Cosmopolitan By Anna Breslaw, Carina Hsieh, and Rachel Varina  – Content and imagery reposted with permission – We don’t like to brag, but Cosmo basically invented sex tips. Following the legacy of our fearless leader, Helen Gurley Brown, (maybe you’ve heard of her?) we’ve been dropping the hottest—and, okay, yes, sometimes most out there—sex […]
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How to Kick Sexual Shame

Originally published @ AskMen By Sophie Saint Thomas – Content and imagery reposted with permission – Most people experience feelings of shame or guilt around sex at some point in their lives. We live in a culture that has varied and often contradictory beliefs about sex, but sex-negativity — the belief that sex is bad, […]
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The 20 Best Kink Toys and BDSM Toys

Originally published @ MarieClaire By Gabrielle Ulubay   With the popularity of books like 50 Shades of Grey, which swept the nation when it was published in 2011, kinky sex has become less and less taboo in mainstream culture. However, many people still hesitate to try kink themselves, even if they’re kink-curious or fascinated by […]
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