9 Sex Positions That Use Common Gym Equipment

No one talks about it, but it’s actually pretty normal to get sexually aroused at the gym. After all, when you exercise, your body releases endorphins, a.k.a. feel-good hormones; and when you’re looking at other sexy, sweaty bodies on the treadmills, it’s hard not to feel a little turned on.
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7 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Less Self-Conscious In Bed

Let’s get one thing straight: Missionary sex is awesome. There’s something satisfying and comforting about relying on a position that you’ve done a thousand times before. But for many of us out there, there are a million things we want to do in bed that we just haven’t yet. Maybe you want to do it […]
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Virtual Porn Could Give Her Better Orgasms—and Help You Last Longer in Bed

Virtual reality: It’s changing the way we date, and masturbate, and now it’s working to change our orgasms for the better. How? A recent Forbes story explains that the work of sex therapist Holly Richmond, Ph.D, is leading to a new frontier in sexual education, as she uses virtual reality porn to help women (and men) explore their innermost desires in as […]
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