Virtual Porn Could Give Her Better Orgasms—and Help You Last Longer in Bed

Virtual reality: It’s changing the way we date, and masturbate, and now it’s working to change our orgasms for the better. How? A recent Forbes story explains that the work of sex therapist Holly Richmond, Ph.D, is leading to a new frontier in sexual education, as she uses virtual reality porn to help women (and men) explore their innermost desires in as […]
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8 Stories Of Vacation Sex Gone Horribly Wrong

There’s something about travel that makes sex better. There’s a sense of adventure, inhibitions are lowered, anonymity is heightened. You’re in a far away place meeting new and interesting people, and what better way to get to know someone than by having sex with them, amirite? But more often than not, the idea of travel […]
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How to Handle an Erection Fail, According To a Woman

As a woman, I understand that a man’s main point of pride hangs between his legs. And trust me: Straight women love it as much as you do. Which is why it’s definitely disappointing for all of us when your main man sometimes fails to show up for duty. But before we all go holding […]
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