4 Ways to Make Your Orgasm Last Longer

Originally published @ popsugar.com

If you’re already orgasming, that’s awesome. But what if there was a way to actually make those orgasms last longer, so that you’re getting those powerful sensations for a few extra glorious minutes. Turns out, you’re in luck — you can prolong your orgasms with a few simple tricks.

While you can do these with a partner, you can always practice during solo time, too. In fact, there are actually a few health benefits to orgasms, so there’s really no harm in practicing. You might want to try these little hacks and see if there’s a difference. If so, all that hard work will pay off.

Do Kegel Exercises

“One thing that always helps to increase the intensity and duration of an orgasm is having a regular Kegel exercise practice,” says Dr. Holly Richmond, PhD, a licensed marriage and family therapist and AASECT certified sex therapist. I know this doesn’t sound very sexy or like much fun, but it really pays off.

“Developing strong pelvic floor muscles directly relates to the strength of the contraction during orgasm. Strong muscles will make the contractions feel deeper and the waves of pleasure last longer,” she says. As practice makes perfect, you’ll want to try working on kegel exercises to really hone in on those muscles.

Don’t Think about It

If you’re looking to lengthen your orgasm and are focused too closely on getting there, you might tax your brain and body with excess pressure. The result: no orgasm. Not even a short one, perhaps.

“Once your pelvic floor muscles are strong and you’re having regular, intense orgasms, a way to make them last longer is to completely get out of your head and into your body,” says Dr. Richmond. “Basically, if you’re about to have an orgasm and you think, ‘Oh, I want this to last as long as possible,’ you’ve already gone cognitive and have lost the somatic connection,” she explains. Rather than thinking about it, feel. Stay in the pleasure by focusing on the ride up to the peak of your orgasm, and then just enjoy every ounce of the sensation without thought or judgement about how long it will last.

Play with Temperature

Time to play with some hot and cold manipulation for a bigger, better O. “Using a lube that heats up or a glass or metal dildo kept in the freezer can be an amazing way to enhance and extend orgasms,” says Dr. Kat Van Kirk, a licensed marriage and sex therapist and sex expert for Adam & Eve. You can try Adam & Eve Turn It Up Warming Lubricant ($13).

Besides, the idea of flipping back and forth is super sexy, and it’ll help cool the body down when it gets too overheated as well.

Focus around the Clit, Too

“Focusing not on the clitoris, but around it too will help you enhance and extend your orgasms,” says Dr. Kirk. Get handsy with some extra assistance. Try Dr. Kat’s New Vibe Line to focus on these poignant areas.

For instance, you can use a clit stimulator or ointment, Kirk says, which creates extra sensations to prolong those mind-blowing orgasms. You can try a liquid vibrator, which is gel or ointment to increase lubrication instantly, like the BUZZ Liquid Vibrator ($25).

“These liquid vibrators and ointments create extra stimulation from the vibrations,” where you’ll get aroused faster and maintain that orgasm for a longer period of time, says Kirk.


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