Adapt Your Sex Life to Quarantine

Originally published @ Speak Sex Podcast

By Eve Eurydice

- Content and imagery reposted with permission -

Episode 56 of the Speak Sex Podcast with Eve Eurydice

A conversion about the multi-faceted effects of Covid-19 on our sex lives and sexual fluency during isolation. We discuss sex in social isolation: the explosion of escapism & abstinence, porn & viral love, viral experiences, intentions and expectations, our changing comfort zone with self-exposure on social media, finding freedom from feeling watched, and a lot of self-love how-tos. We go over bluetooth smart toys, teledildonics, immersive sex robots, sex surrogates and sexological body workers, sex athletes and adult virgins, sex work and women’s empowerment, feminism and the demonetizing of sex. We give clear descriptive quotes for initiating conscious long-distance sex and intimacy.



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