Sessions Live 2019 · Finding Eros

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What does erotic intelligence mean to us as therapists, coaches, and relationship professionals?

How do we help our clients cultivate a feeling of vitality? How do we help them go beyond recovering from trauma to come back to life? And how can we help them achieve a deeper connection when we are struggling ourselves?

Eros, also known as eroticism, is a quality of aliveness, vibrancy and vitality that is critical to both life and the clinical relationship. It’s a sense of creativity, agency and pleasure that we often aim for in our clients but neglect within ourselves.

Esther and her guests will share a multi-faceted conceptualization of eroticism and how practitioners can apply it.

Using a multicultural and interdisciplinary lens, Esther and her guests will share a toolkit focused on eroticism to therapists and coaches that will enable you to engage with difficult topics and therapeutic choice points, taking on relational challenges around love and desire with curiosity, renewed energy and confidence.


Month Long Event (november)(GMT+00:00)


Convene - NYC Midtown West

117 West 46th Street

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