Recovering From Shame After Trauma

Originally published @ Sexology Podcast

By Dr. Nazanin Moali

- Content and imagery reposted with permission -

Episode 178 of the Sexology Podcast

In this episode Dr. Holly speaks with Dr. Moali about shame after sexual trauma, how survivors can regain their desire, learning to re-engage with positive sexual experiences and the importance of seeking out sex positive therapists.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why do survivors experience shame around sex?
  • Misconceptions around the causes of rape
  • How people feel sexual shame after trauma in their bodies?
  • Learning to show up for your body
  • Navigating having positive sexual experiences
  • Unhealthy habits survivors can pick up
  • How desire disappears as survivors restrict their sexuality
  • Looking at sexual dysfunctions
  • Why it’s important to seek out a sex positive therapist


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