One of Dr. Holly’s goals is to help her clients feel empowered & embodied relationally, sexually & personally. These are some of her favorite resources.

The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) is a not-for-profit, interdisciplinary professional organization. In addition to sexuality educators, sexuality counselors and sex therapists, AASECT members include physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, sociologists, marriage and family counselors and therapists and researchers, as well as students in various relevant professional disciplines. These individuals share an interest in promoting understanding of human sexuality and healthy sexual behavior.
A global collective of scientists, doctors, researchers, therapists, sexologists, educators, and activists. The Center for Erotic Intelligence has curated a phenomenal team with concentrated areas of expertise in neurology, anthropology, psychology, evolutionary biology, endocrinology, kinesiology, anatomy and physiology, history, communication, and education.
Embrace your pleasure on your own terms. Their products are elegant, sophisticated, and thoughtfully designed.  They aim to make buying and using a sex toy an elevated experience, one that leads to fulfilled desires, sensual satisfaction, and thoughtful conversations about sexuality.
Making the world a happier place one vagina at a time. Dame Products was founded by smart women with the purpose of making phenomenal sex toys. Their continuing mission: to design well-engineered sex toys, to heighten intimacy, and to openly empower the sexual experiences of womankind.
As technology has transformed the way we relate to each other, it's also changed the way we fall in love and even the way we have sex. Each episode of the podcast explores the connections between sex tech, ancient wisdoms and cultural phenomenons to better understand how we might view and shape the future of sex.
 As leaders in the sex tech / teledildonics industry since 2013, they work at the intersection of technology and human interest, using tech to forge new and better ways for people to connect, because in an increasingly digitalized, freelance world, the need is growing every day
MakeLoveNotPorn is the world's first social sex videosharing platform, socializing and normalizing sex to make it easier for everyone in the world to talk about openly and honestly, in order to promote and instil good sexual values and good sexual behavior.
In 2006 Dan Savage launched the Savage Lovecast, a weekly, call-in advice podcast. It is now one of iTunes top 50 podcasts. Dan’s graphic, pragmatic, and humorous advice has changed the cultural conversation about monogamy, gay rights, religiosity, and politics.
Since its start, Unbound has gone from being a labor of love (translation: we started it in tiny NYC apartments) to a leader in changing how feminists explore and enjoy their sex lives. Through our quarterly box, online shop and Unbound Magazine, they believe in the radical possibilities of pleasure and that we are better when we, ahem, come together.


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