Sexologist is sure: VR eroticism fills the desire

Virtual Reality (VR) is hard to imagine: the most promising technology of recent years dominates the daily reporting and opens up unique paths, both for the gaming and the erotic industry. Especially the latter has already adapted VR very early, which could soon be useful for other areas as well. Because psychologists and therapists see in sextech (technosexuality) the potential to make the new experience dimension usable to help people. Paedotherapy, erectile dysfunction or social phobia; Dr. Holly Richmond, psychologist and certified sex therapist, is convinced that the treatment of such problems will be supported by VR in the future.

Adult entertainment with added value

Technology-pessimistic experts often see VR eroticism as a trend towards interpersonal isolation. On the other hand, Dr. Holly Richmond. From a clinical perspective, VR offers numerous and unique opportunities to treat disorders, anxieties or pa- tient-specific problems.

This technology thus enables a perfect symbiosis of entertainment and sexual pedagogy. Instead of simply watching, users of VR eroticism find themselves in the middle of the scene and experience the love-play at close range. It is precisely in this feeling of “dipping” into another world that so much potential lies and promotes the process of healing.

Especially women benefit, according to Richmond. To see a video from the perspective of an actress helps women to intensify their exploration of their own feelings and the rediscovery of pleasure. VR also offers an ideal supplement in combating sexual trauma or promoting empathy. Practical example: A big, strong man looks at an erotic all-round clip from the perspective of a petite woman and vice versa. This is an aid to every therapist.

Industry will benefit

Richmond also sees the pleasurable as well as the pleasurable: for her, sex is always good sex, as long as it happens satisfactorily and freely. Therefore, the possibility to try out your own wishes and preferences in VR is ideal for a better understanding of your own body and the psyche, which inevitably leads to a greater self-esteem. Due to the abundance of benefits, people will also be more willing to spend money on 3D movies. A fact that will also help the industry to produce high-quality content on the latest technology.

About RealityLovers

RealityLovers , awarded the VENUS Award as the “Innovative Product 2016”, offers erotic films in FullHD for virtual reality. In the 180-degree perspective, users experience the happenings from the viewpoint of the performers and thus actively participate in the play. Interested parties choose between different subscription offers.

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