Orgasms Are Great, but Have You Ever Used Vibrating Anal Beads to Cheat at Chess?

Originally published @ PopSugar By Melanie Whyte – Content and imagery reposted with permission – Chess just got far more interesting. In a tense tournament, a US teen prodigy was accused of cheating. How? By allegedly using a vibrating sex toy to gain an advantage over his opponent. The 19-year-old Grandmaster Hans Niemann was up against the […]
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What Actually Counts As Cheating In The Metaverse?

Originally published @ Bustle By Allie Volpe – Content and imagery reposted with permission – Relationships are complicated enough. From ambiguous first dates to difficult conversations, no one knows exactly what they’re doing regarding matters of the heart. As technology continues to advance, our love lives have expanded to include relationships and intimacy beyond our physical selves, […]
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