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Next Sex Course

As new technologies arrive and alter our most personal experiences, we are witnessing a transformation in how we connect with one another.  Human sexuality, in all of its idiosyncratic expressions, has long been a driver of technological innovation. It is no surprise that the latest high-tech wave is pushing desire into uncharted terrain, expanding human sexuality and stretching the cultural and physical boundaries of how we have sex, and who—or what—we have sex with.

What do these developments mean for therapists, and how will they change the ways in which we engage with and treat clients? Rather than sitting idly by and fearing these new immersive technologies will push people further apart, we can actively learn to use them in ways that foster healthy individual and relational sexuality, and encourage a greater degree of erotic empathy. The focus of this latest sextech transformation is not on what technology can do to us, but what it can do for us—its potential to positively transform our humanity, changing the way we see ourselves and behave as sexual beings.

Somatic Sex Therapy Course

Sex is almost always a physical act, so why would we not use the body as a resource for better understanding our clients’ experiences? This course draws on many of the main principles in somatic psychology including polyvagal theory, attachment theory, narrative and art therapy, the Braddock Body Process, integrative trauma and PTSD therapies, and the instructors own research into embodied healing for survivors of sexual trauma. It will address somatic memory and holding, as well as ways to reframe and replace dysfunctional psychosomatic patterns with integrated alternatives.

Understanding how the brain and body work together—not focusing on one over the other—informs effective somatic sex therapy interventions. Somatic techniques are most often used as an addition to, rather than a replace for, traditional sex therapy methodology, and inherently offer titrated pacing and client-lead initiatives. Utilizing somatic sex therapy moves clients toward states of embodiment and empowerment, which creates an ideal foundation for holistic sexual health.


Month Long Event (october)(GMT+00:00)


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